Are you tired of getting lost in new spaces? We’ve got the solution. NeARabl is a wayfinding and navigation tool that allows you to create your own indoor maps and signage, record new paths and points of interest, and ensure that everyone has access to them. It’s easy to use, affordable, and customizable. No matter what your target audience is—digital tourists, construction site managers, metaverse enthusiasts, people with low vision—we’ve got you covered. Nearabl technology has been developed with support from the National Science Foundation, Air Force Research Labs and Dept. Of Homeland Security. Originally created to meet the navigation and wayfinding needs of low vision individuals, NeARabl is the work of 25 world class researchers in advanced robotics, computer vision and mixed reality. We enable you to hear and see what’s near you in Augmented Reality – neARabl

Our team

Arber Ruci

Founder & CEO

Experienced entrepreneur & economic development expert in New York City, New York State and the fed govt.

Jin Chen

Founder & CTO

Researcher in AI, mixed reality and digital twins. Renowned data scientist and core inventor of neARabl technology.

E'edresha Sturdivant

Founder & CIO

Researcher and database guru. Develops and deploys secure Augmented Reality infrastructure for iOS android and webAR.

Why Us?

World class technology

Five years of Research and Development by twenty five of the worlds leading experts in AI & Computer Vision. NeARabl was proudly born in a Research Lab in NYC

Mission based

The company name was born out of our mission to enable individuals with low vision to navigate their surroundings. We use augmented reality AR to enable any individual to hear and see whats near.

Simple set-up

25,000 sq feet in 25 minutes, one time only! In some cases set up is as simple as printing a QR code